Delta departures Los Angeles LAX Airport

Delta Los Angeles LAX airport departures allow to check status of Delta flight departure from Los Angeles International Airport the information about flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate.

Departure times are given in local time. Current time at Los Angeles airport is 14:50 PM 2021-07-25

No. Schedule Departure Destination Status
DL2426 13:40 (SLC) Salt Lake City In_Air
DL3789 13:49 (BOI) Boise In_Air
DL1506 13:50 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom In_Air
DL971 14:00 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson In_Air
DL1558 14:10 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County In_Air
DL3660 14:15 (TUS) Tucson International In_Air
DL3931 14:15 (ABQ) Albuquerque In_Air
DL3692 14:45 (DEN) Denver International Out_Gate
DL1543 14:55 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL2503 15:05 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL3643 15:06 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL1415 15:20 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL2114 15:25 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL3921 15:37 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL1550 15:39 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL746 15:40 (KOA) Kona Scheduled
DL443 15:55 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
DL1761 15:59 (LIH) Kauai Island Lihue Delayed
DL2367 16:00 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL3769 16:15 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
DL1131 16:35 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL3630 16:39 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
DL1704 16:47 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL3581 16:57 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL2345 17:10 (OGG) Maui Kahului Delayed
DL394 17:12 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL3805 17:17 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL1356 17:20 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
DL1730 17:30 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL3807 17:34 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL3562 17:43 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL3580 17:45 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL1507 18:00 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
DL3700 18:02 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL1519 18:10 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
DL1186 18:20 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
DL566 18:32 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
DL381 18:33 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
DL4115 18:34 (GEG) Spokane International Scheduled
DL3615 18:50 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
DL3826 19:00 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
DL1136 19:01 (MEM) Memphis International Scheduled
DL2529 19:06 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL4143 19:20 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
DL1485 19:32 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
DL2310 19:50 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL4171 19:50 (FAT) Fresno Yosemite Delayed
DL2590 20:05 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL3906 20:15 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL3569 20:18 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL2498 20:25 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL3860 20:33 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
DL3598 21:09 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL2674 21:10 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL2444 21:20 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL3990 21:30 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL4136 21:35 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
DL1783 21:45 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
DL3790 21:55 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
DL328 21:59 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL436 22:00 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL2296 22:00 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
DL1162 22:10 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
DL1788 22:15 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
DL2755 22:29 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL41 22:45 (SYD) Sydney Scheduled
DL1072 22:59 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
DL847 23:10 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL623 23:30 (CUN) Cancun Scheduled
DL915 23:35 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1974 23:49 (SJO) San Jose Juan Santamaria Scheduled
DL1897 23:59 (GUA) Guatemala City Scheduled
DL1967 23:59 (SAL) San Salvador Scheduled
DL2521 23:59 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL373 00:45 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1099 00:45 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL809 05:45 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL1145 05:50 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL930 06:00 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL303 06:20 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL542 06:30 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL3634 06:30 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL3542 06:45 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL324 07:00 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL383 07:00 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL1339 07:00 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL1163 07:05 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL3519 07:05 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL369 07:25 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL3819 07:25 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL342 07:35 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Scheduled
DL1359 07:49 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
DL1311 07:59 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL953 08:00 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL1884 08:05 (SJD) San Jose Cabo Scheduled
DL3629 08:05 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL480 08:08 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
DL3522 08:20 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL565 08:24 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
DL3681 08:30 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL2391 08:35 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL3932 08:45 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
DL1041 08:55 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
DL4081 08:55 (OAK) Oakland Metropolitan Oak Scheduled
DL392 09:00 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL2639 09:00 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL631 09:08 (MEX) Mexico City Juarez International Scheduled
DL986 09:20 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
DL3654 09:20 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL1644 09:30 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL1362 09:34 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
DL3501 09:35 (RNO) Reno / Tahoe Scheduled
DL2501 09:40 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL3717 09:45 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
DL2280 10:00 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL3594 10:00 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL638 10:09 (CUN) Cancun Scheduled
DL1749 10:35 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL1865 10:35 (PVR) Puerto Vallarta Scheduled
DL3518 10:35 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL961 10:40 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1899 11:00 (SJD) San Jose Cabo Scheduled
DL2156 11:00 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
DL3592 11:00 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL386 11:04 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
DL2756 11:05 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL2335 11:15 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL3504 11:15 (FCA) Kalispell Scheduled
DL3626 11:25 (JAC) Jackson Hole Scheduled
DL382 11:35 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL2227 11:44 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL367 12:00 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL2449 12:00 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
DL3637 12:00 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL3701 12:04 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL791 12:10 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL730 12:15 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL4151 12:47 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL736 12:50 (OGG) Maui Kahului Scheduled
DL937 13:00 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL2068 13:00 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL3785 13:00 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL3556 13:07 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL323 13:10 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL534 13:19 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL330 13:25 (HNL) Honolulu International Scheduled
DL3735 13:25 (SJC) San Jose International Scheduled
DL2426 13:40 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL3789 13:49 (BOI) Boise Scheduled
DL1506 13:50 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
DL4119 14:08 (SMF) Sacramento International Scheduled
DL1558 14:10 (DTW) Detroit Wayne County Scheduled
DL3660 14:15 (TUS) Tucson International Scheduled
DL3931 14:15 (ABQ) Albuquerque Scheduled
DL971 14:21 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL3692 14:45 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled