Delta Airlines arrivals Detroit Airport (DTW)

Delta Detroit DTW airport arrivals allow to check status of Delta flight arrivals at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Currnety Time at Detroit airport is 13:06 PM 2021-06-12

No. Arrival Origin Status
DL5736 07:50 (LEX) Lexington Blue Grass In_Air
DL4810 11:22 (MBS) Midland In_Air
DL4984 12:15 (LAN) Lansing In_Gate
DL5104 12:29 (GRR) Grand Rapids Landed
DL5786 12:31 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International In_Gate
DL4263 12:37 (FWA) Fort Wayne In_Gate
DL1752 12:44 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran In_Gate
DL4328 12:45 (MQT) Marquette In_Gate
DL1102 12:48 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor In_Gate
DL4968 12:50 (CID) Cedar Rapids In_Gate
DL4756 12:51 (AZO) Kalamazoo In_Gate
DL1153 12:53 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Landed
DL135 12:57 (AMS) Amsterdam In_Gate
DL1329 13:02 (SLC) Salt Lake City In_Gate
DL4965 13:07 (STL) St Louis In_Gate
DL4665 13:10 (YYZ) Toronto Pearson International In_Air
DL5471 13:11 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell In_Air
DL5076 13:14 (ROC) Rochester In_Air
DL4878 13:14 (BUF) Buffalo Niagara Landed
DL5224 13:14 (GRB) Green Bay Landed
DL5785 13:15 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Landed
DL2283 13:16 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul In_Gate
DL3557 13:19 (MEM) Memphis International Landed
DL2589 13:20 (BNA) Nashville Landed
DL4007 13:25 (PIT) Pittsburgh International Out_Gate
DL5066 13:25 (MCI) Kansas City International In_Air
DL809 13:28 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
DL4640 13:30 (SAV) Savannah / Hilton Head In_Air
DL1603 13:32 (TPA) Tampa International In_Air
DL5826 13:48 (SDF) Louisville Standiford Field In_Air
DL5042 14:01 (TYS) Knoxville In_Air
DL2493 14:23 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Out_Gate
DL1130 14:24 (LGA) New York LaGuardia In_Air
DL4695 14:25 (SYR) Syracuse Out_Gate
DL5333 14:26 (BTV) Burlington In_Air
DL1339 14:27 (LAX) Los Angeles International In_Air
DL1642 14:28 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International In_Air
DL5116 14:30 (CWA) Wausau Central Wisconsin Scheduled
DL4946 14:31 (MDT) Harrisburg International In_Air
DL5365 14:32 (ORF) Norfolk International In_Air
DL4853 14:35 (ALB) Albany In_Air
DL1105 14:37 (JAX) Jacksonville International In_Air
DL5469 14:42 (ATW) Appleton Scheduled
DL4858 14:43 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy In_Air
DL4739 14:44 (YUL) Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau In_Air
DL4703 14:45 (ABE) Allentown Out_Gate
DL4294 14:48 (LSE) La Crosse Scheduled
DL5820 14:49 (EWR) New York Newark Out_Gate
DL3868 14:50 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
DL4764 14:51 (SBN) South Bend Scheduled
DL5772 14:53 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
DL671 14:54 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International In_Air
DL1350 14:54 (SLC) Salt Lake City In_Air
DL1206 14:56 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong In_Air
DL3705 14:57 (BDL) Hartford Bradley International Out_Gate
DL5819 14:58 (GSO) Piedmont Triad International Scheduled
DL4638 14:59 (MBS) Midland Scheduled
DL2706 15:00 (MIA) Miami International In_Air
DL5274 15:01 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
DL868 15:02 (SFO) San Francisco International In_Air
DL2127 15:04 (BOS) Boston Logan International Out_Gate
DL2709 15:05 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
DL4896 15:06 (BGR) Bangor In_Air
DL5127 15:07 (LAN) Lansing Scheduled
DL1486 15:08 (RSW) Fort Myers Southwest Florida Reg In_Air
DL1028 15:09 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International In_Air
DL3744 15:09 (CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International Scheduled
DL1518 15:11 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
DL4716 15:12 (GRR) Grand Rapids Scheduled
DL3508 15:13 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. In_Air
DL5214 15:13 (PWM) Portland Out_Gate
DL3749 15:15 (RAP) Rapid City Regional In_Air
DL5143 15:16 (DAY) Dayton International Scheduled
DL2168 15:18 (MCO) Orlando International In_Air
DL5590 15:18 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
DL2772 15:18 (MYR) Myrtle Beach International Airport Scheduled
DL1663 15:19 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom In_Air
DL4690 15:19 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
DL5466 15:23 (DSM) Des Moines Scheduled
DL4275 15:25 (PLN) Pellston Scheduled
DL5162 15:25 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
DL4888 15:25 (BGM) Binghamton Scheduled
DL3922 15:25 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
DL5028 15:25 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
DL4832 15:27 (MSN) Madison Delayed
DL1092 15:31 (PBI) West Palm Beach International In_Air
DL840 15:37 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1407 15:40 (TVC) Traverse City Scheduled
DL2258 15:45 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL2074 16:15 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL2757 16:28 (BZN) Bozeman Scheduled
DL4922 16:34 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
DL694 16:35 (JAC) Jackson Hole Scheduled
DL1043 16:39 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran In_Air
DL5401 16:40 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Delayed
DL2092 16:47 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
DL4720 16:57 (BUF) Buffalo Niagara Scheduled
DL5671 16:59 (PIT) Pittsburgh International Scheduled
DL2081 17:06 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL4252 17:06 (APN) Alpena Scheduled
DL5822 17:07 (EWR) New York Newark Delayed
DL5473 17:08 (TVC) Traverse City Scheduled
DL2577 17:10 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
DL4667 17:10 (YYZ) Toronto Pearson International Scheduled
DL4960 17:13 (ELM) Elmira Scheduled
DL5475 17:14 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
DL2102 17:19 (SRQ) Sarasota Scheduled
DL3862 17:19 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
DL2040 17:20 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Delayed
DL4799 17:20 (ITH) Ithaca Scheduled
DL5023 17:20 (PVD) Providence Scheduled
DL2203 17:25 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1338 17:25 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
DL276 17:34 (HND) Tokyo Haneda In_Air
DL618 17:49 (CUN) Cancun Delayed
DL4935 18:29 (MBS) Midland Scheduled
DL1178 18:30 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL5300 18:32 (AZO) Kalamazoo Scheduled
DL1059 18:34 (PDX) Portland Scheduled
DL4996 18:37 (CID) Cedar Rapids Scheduled
DL5272 18:41 (LAN) Lansing Scheduled
DL4700 18:44 (CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International Scheduled
DL1011 18:53 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL5849 18:55 (MYR) Myrtle Beach International Airport Scheduled
DL2770 19:03 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL4749 19:03 (BHM) Birmingham Scheduled
DL5836 19:03 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
DL645 19:09 (MEX) Mexico City Juarez International Scheduled
DL1911 19:12 (CUN) Cancun Scheduled
DL4954 19:13 (RIC) Richmond Scheduled
DL1697 19:14 (GRR) Grand Rapids Scheduled
DL4841 19:15 (LEX) Lexington Blue Grass Scheduled
DL5196 19:22 (BTV) Burlington Scheduled
DL1713 19:23 (RSW) Fort Myers Southwest Florida Reg Scheduled
DL4828 19:26 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
DL4308 19:30 (PLN) Pellston Scheduled
DL1632 19:32 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL3712 19:33 (MSN) Madison Scheduled
DL5026 19:34 (GRB) Green Bay Scheduled
DL2048 19:34 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL865 19:34 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
DL3639 19:35 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
DL5817 19:35 (CHS) Charleston Scheduled
DL1108 19:38 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL991 19:39 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL2437 19:39 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL3981 19:41 (SDF) Louisville Standiford Field Scheduled
DL4299 19:42 (IMT) Iron Mountain Scheduled
DL4714 19:43 (ATW) Appleton Scheduled
DL1184 19:45 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
DL5024 19:47 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
DL5001 19:48 (SBN) South Bend Scheduled
DL806 19:50 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
DL3694 19:54 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
DL773 19:57 (SFO) San Francisco International Scheduled
DL1391 19:57 (TVC) Traverse City Scheduled
DL4932 19:57 (SYR) Syracuse Scheduled
DL3552 19:58 (MEM) Memphis International Scheduled
DL5614 19:58 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
DL5033 20:00 (EVV) Evansville Scheduled
DL709 20:00 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL4920 20:03 (PWM) Portland Scheduled
DL5092 20:03 (ROC) Rochester Scheduled
DL4755 20:03 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
DL5002 20:04 (CWA) Wausau Central Wisconsin Scheduled
DL791 20:05 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1548 20:07 (LGA) New York LaGuardia Scheduled
DL4804 20:08 (TYS) Knoxville Scheduled
DL5230 20:09 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
DL4871 20:10 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
DL4977 20:10 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
DL2285 20:10 (JAX) Jacksonville International Scheduled
DL5626 20:10 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
DL3641 20:10 (BDL) Hartford Bradley International Scheduled
DL826 20:10 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
DL2230 20:28 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
DL2014 20:28 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
DL900 20:31 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Scheduled
DL5696 20:34 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
DL4760 20:37 (DSM) Des Moines Scheduled
DL5791 20:37 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
DL5472 20:53 (BUF) Buffalo Niagara Scheduled
DL1707 21:02 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
DL816 21:28 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL2538 21:30 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL1562 21:30 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
DL1033 21:38 (RSW) Fort Myers Southwest Florida Reg Scheduled
DL1063 21:44 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL3967 22:01 (MSN) Madison Scheduled
DL1032 22:09 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL1074 22:10 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL2122 22:11 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
DL2201 22:40 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
DL2691 22:50 (MIA) Miami International Scheduled
DL2217 23:17 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL935 23:59 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL573 00:04 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL1664 00:20 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL1148 05:09 (SEA) Seattle / Tacoma International Scheduled
DL1129 05:13 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL1605 05:24 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL2249 05:30 (SAN) San Diego International Scheduled
DL1276 05:50 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL436 05:55 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1481 06:29 (TVC) Traverse City Scheduled
DL5439 06:30 (LAN) Lansing Scheduled
DL4782 06:30 (AZO) Kalamazoo Scheduled
DL1784 06:30 (GRR) Grand Rapids Scheduled
DL4934 06:30 (MBS) Midland Scheduled
DL950 06:50 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL3529 07:01 (SBN) South Bend Scheduled
DL360 07:02 (LAX) Los Angeles International Scheduled
DL1371 07:04 (ANC) Anchorage International Scheduled
DL2719 07:20 (BUF) Buffalo Niagara Scheduled
DL5027 07:22 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
DL2747 07:23 (CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International Scheduled
DL1764 07:25 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
DL4254 07:26 (CIU) Sault Ste Marie Chippewa County Scheduled
DL5805 07:33 (MDT) Harrisburg International Scheduled
DL4661 07:36 (YYZ) Toronto Pearson International Scheduled
DL2006 07:36 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Scheduled
DL4895 07:36 (SYR) Syracuse Scheduled
DL4261 07:37 (ESC) Escanaba Scheduled
DL4283 07:38 (PLN) Pellston Scheduled
DL1616 07:39 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL5308 07:44 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
DL5639 07:45 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
DL2835 07:45 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
DL5294 07:45 (RIC) Richmond Scheduled
DL3867 07:46 (IAD) Washington Dulles Scheduled
DL1529 07:48 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
DL4844 07:50 (ALB) Albany Scheduled
DL5736 07:50 (LEX) Lexington Blue Grass Scheduled
DL1236 07:50 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
DL4330 07:51 (MQT) Marquette Scheduled
DL3616 07:51 (ORF) Norfolk International Scheduled
DL5314 07:52 (DAY) Dayton International Scheduled
DL5059 07:52 (ROC) Rochester Scheduled
DL5005 07:53 (SCE) State College Scheduled
DL5318 07:55 (GSP) Greenville-Spartanburg Scheduled
DL1167 07:56 (LGA) New York LaGuardia Scheduled
DL4732 07:56 (ABE) Allentown Scheduled
DL4943 07:57 (BTV) Burlington Scheduled
DL2482 07:57 (BDL) Hartford Bradley International Scheduled
DL5744 07:57 (PIT) Pittsburgh International Scheduled
DL5429 08:00 (PWM) Portland Scheduled
DL5682 08:00 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
DL4315 08:00 (FWA) Fort Wayne Scheduled
DL2594 08:00 (BNA) Nashville Scheduled
DL866 08:00 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
DL4921 08:00 (PVD) Providence Scheduled
DL1224 08:37 (TPA) Tampa International Scheduled
DL1599 08:48 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL4933 08:48 (ATW) Appleton Scheduled
DL2050 08:51 (FLL) Fort Lauderdale International Scheduled
DL1169 08:54 (RSW) Fort Myers Southwest Florida Reg Scheduled
DL1545 09:00 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
DL5034 09:03 (SAV) Savannah / Hilton Head Scheduled
DL5799 09:03 (GSO) Piedmont Triad International Scheduled
DL4707 09:05 (STL) St Louis Scheduled
DL1143 09:06 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL4733 09:07 (MSN) Madison Scheduled
DL4911 09:08 (CID) Cedar Rapids Scheduled
DL2705 09:10 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
DL2481 09:15 (MCI) Kansas City International Scheduled
DL4884 09:16 (JFK) New York John F. Kennedy Scheduled
DL4918 09:18 (ELM) Elmira Scheduled
DL5364 09:21 (CHA) Chattanooga Scheduled
DL5139 09:22 (CWA) Wausau Central Wisconsin Scheduled
DL5803 09:25 (OMA) Omaha Eppley Airfield Scheduled
DL3725 09:25 (MEM) Memphis International Scheduled
DL1193 09:26 (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Scheduled
DL4915 09:27 (DSM) Des Moines Scheduled
DL4682 09:27 (GRB) Green Bay Scheduled
DL5732 09:28 (SDF) Louisville Standiford Field Scheduled
DL5295 09:28 (EVV) Evansville Scheduled
DL5358 09:29 (CHS) Charleston Scheduled
DL1748 09:30 (AUS) Austin-Bergstrom Scheduled
DL1509 09:30 (SAT) San Antonio International Scheduled
DL3993 09:30 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
DL4812 09:30 (TYS) Knoxville Scheduled
DL2211 09:30 (MSY) New Orleans Louis Armstrong Scheduled
DL4909 10:43 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
DL2027 10:45 (MCO) Orlando International Scheduled
DL1139 10:47 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL158 10:50 (ICN) Seoul Incheon Int'l Scheduled
DL2553 10:55 (DEN) Denver International Scheduled
DL1504 10:57 (GRR) Grand Rapids Scheduled
DL1025 11:01 (MSP) Minneapolis St Paul Scheduled
DL1051 11:06 (LGA) New York LaGuardia Scheduled
DL5830 11:15 (CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International Scheduled
DL722 11:17 (BOS) Boston Logan International Scheduled
DL2565 11:18 (RDU) Raleigh / Durham Scheduled
DL1525 11:20 (DCA) Washington Ronald Reagan Scheduled
DL2603 11:21 (BWI) Baltimore Washington International Scheduled
DL4810 11:22 (MBS) Midland Scheduled
DL5241 11:24 (DAY) Dayton International Scheduled
DL5303 11:24 (CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Scheduled
DL5795 11:26 (CMH) Port Columbus Scheduled
DL3866 11:27 (EWR) New York Newark Scheduled
DL4663 11:32 (BUF) Buffalo Niagara Scheduled
DL3699 11:34 (PIT) Pittsburgh International Scheduled
DL4263 11:34 (FWA) Fort Wayne Scheduled
DL5240 11:35 (TVC) Traverse City Scheduled
DL5471 11:35 (MKE) Milwaukee General Mitchell Scheduled
DL4824 11:38 (PHL) Philadelphia International Scheduled
DL2535 11:41 (CLT) Charlotte Douglas Scheduled
DL3618 11:42 (BDL) Hartford Bradley International Scheduled
DL5155 11:43 (MDW) Chicago Midway Scheduled
DL1154 11:44 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL4312 11:45 (PLN) Pellston Scheduled
DL3739 11:49 (IAH) Houston George Bush Intercntl. Scheduled
DL4849 11:50 (MSN) Madison Scheduled
DL2710 11:53 (IND) Indianapolis Scheduled
DL4984 12:15 (LAN) Lansing Scheduled
DL5104 12:29 (GRR) Grand Rapids Scheduled
DL5786 12:31 (ORD) Chicago O'Hare International Scheduled
DL1752 12:44 (LAS) Las Vegas Mccarran Scheduled
DL4764 12:44 (SBN) South Bend Scheduled
DL4328 12:45 (MQT) Marquette Scheduled
DL1102 12:48 (PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor Scheduled
DL4968 12:50 (CID) Cedar Rapids Scheduled
DL4756 12:51 (AZO) Kalamazoo Scheduled
DL1153 12:53 (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Scheduled
DL135 12:57 (AMS) Amsterdam Scheduled
DL1329 13:02 (SLC) Salt Lake City Scheduled
DL5188 13:03 (DSM) Des Moines Scheduled